Meet our Team

Dr Carita de Jong Kindred ChiropracticDR. CARITA DE JONG – CHIROPRACTOR

Dr Carita is the chiropractor and owner of Kindred Chiropractic.  She emigrated to New Zealand with her family from South Africa in 2006 and still lives on Auckland’s beautiful North Shore with her husband. She didn’t always know that she wanted to be a chiropractor. At school she loved being creative, playing saxophone and clarinet and dancing. She initially decided to pursue a career in the film and TV industry doing production and camera work. But for a seemingly healthy person, her health was deteriorating. The small niggles and complaints she thought were ‘normal’ and insignificant were compounding and like many others….chiropractic was the LAST thing she tried. She experienced what it was like to heal naturally and to make empowered decisions about her health. It was such a powerful experience, that the logical thing to do was to become a chiropractor in order to pass that experience on.

After graduating from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic in 2018, Dr. Carita opened Kindred Chiropractic in service to her community. She is passionate about helping the whole family ; newborns, kids, parents, pregnant mothers-to-be and grandparents…anyone who has a spine and nervous system. She doesn’t only work with people with acute or chronic pain. By using techniques like NET (Neuro Emotional Technique), TBM (Total Body Modification) Kindred Chiropractic offers a whole-person approach.

Her experience with the neurological symptoms of migraines drew her strongly to UPPER CERVICAL care, using Toggle Recoil and Blair Upper Cervical adjusting approaches. Dentists refer patients who experience TMJ difficulty and other healthcare professionals regularly refer clients with vertigo to have their upper cervical spine checked. UPPER CERVICAL care can be used by people of all ages, and it is common for new mothers who have been under care to have their newborns checked soon after birth.

Dr. Carita speaks English and Afrikaans and is known for being a great listener and making people feel comfortable and safe while having a specific and gentle adjusting style.  Her biggest goal is to make chiropractic care a normal part of every family’s lifestyle…it should be as common as having a family dentist.