Is Chiropractic Care Beneficial for Couples or Individuals with Infertility?

Chiropractic is a natural and safe approach to enhance your body’s natural abilities, by enhancing the function of the nervous system.   All chiropractors are licensed to work with women who are pregnant and at Kindred Chiropractic, we are extra passionate about working with women who are pregnant or trying to conceive.

Chiropractic care is focused on the nervous system – the relationship between your brain and your body and how well everything is functioning as a WHOLE.   Your brain is responsible for controlling all of your bodily functions and it does that by communicating through the nervous system: the spinal cord and nerves that exit from it into all the tissues, organs and glands of the body. Your brain also relies on communication from your body to make appropriate and accurate decisions.   For example seeing a ball and then moving your arm to catch it, or realising that there is a wound and then healing it.   A large part of the nervous system is housed inside of the skull and the movable bones of the spine and sometimes because of injury or high levels of stress, your spine can have dysfunction which can lead to your nervous system communication being compromised. Chiropractors call that interference a SUBLUXATION and that is what they are trained to correct.

This nervous system communication also occurs to and from your reproductive system and all the organs that produce and regulate your hormones.   Having a nervous system that is clear of interference, means that your body can heal and regulate and function at its fullest (reproductive) potential.   There are many case studies on women who conceived successfully while under chiropractic care.

If you are still wondering if this is the right option for you, get in touch.   Dr Carita at Kindred Chiropractic is in Auckland, New Zealand, but happy to have a chat over the phone to answer any questions you might have and get you in touch with the right chiropractor for you.

  1. The first case report is of a 40-year-old female with a history of miscarriage.  Diversified technique was used by the practitioner along with NET (Neuro Emotional Technique and Activator.   After a course of 3 times/ week over 4 weeks, then reduced to 1-2 times/ week for four months, the female conceived using IUI.
  2.  A case report of a 36-year-old patient with unexplained infertility was adjusted at C1-C2, T11-T12, and L4-5 three times/wk for two weeks, twice a week for four weeks and once a week for 3 weeks.   She became pregnant shortly thereafter. The technique was not described.
  3. Another report of a 34-year-old female patient with one aborted IVF attempt began Network Spinal Analysis (NSA). Following almost 2 months of care a second IVF attempt was performed and was successful.
  4. Two patients with infertility and other chiropractic complaints presented.  TRT (Torque Release Technique) with the assistance of an instrument known as the Integrator.  Both women became pregnant following care.
  5. A 40-year-old+ patient presented with menorrhagia and a sluggish cycle. TRT was used for 5 weeks which shifted uterine function.
  6. A case report of a 27-year-old woman following 2 miscarriages and 9 months of anovulation was cared for with TRT twice per week for 30 days and once per week for 30 days. The patient regained ovulation after 60 days of care and became pregnant after her second ovulation cycle.
  7. A 32-year-old female patient diagnosed with infertility for two years was cared for with DNFT for two months. A second attempt of IVF following chiropractic care yielded a viable pregnancy.
  8. Another 31-year-old patient under medical infertility care was care for with Diversified Technique for the first three months and TRT an addition four months. By two months the patient was having regular menses and by four months was having non-drug menses. Nine months following beginning chiropractic care, the patient conceived without medication.


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