Babies and Children

At Kindred Chiropractic, we love looking after the whole family.   Our greatest focus is not your aches and pains but, more so, how well your spine and nervous system are functioning. That said, more often than not, people make their first appointment because their body is giving them a symptoms that they want to investigate. So, how would you know whether your child could benefit from a chiropractic assessment if they cannot voice discomfort yet? A great deal of neurological development happens in the first year of a child’s life.   Just like chiropractic care for adults, the focus of chiropractic care for children is to reduce interference to their nervous system. While they are growing and developing so rapidly, effective brain-body communication is really important.  When a little body is free of nervous system interference (subluxation) they are able to self-regulate and self-heal, so that they can be the happiest, healthiest and most amazing child they can be.   In many situations, parents are under chiropractic care first and come to appreciate that an assessment by a chiropractor is to ensure that their children are living life to their fullest potential. How would I know if my baby or child is subluxated / has an interference to their nervous system? The quick answer to that would be to have them assessed by a chiropractor. While parents contact us with a variety of concerns, from colic and reflux, developmental delays, reoccurring ear infections to anxiety,  it is important to know that Chiropractic does not cure or treat any conditions. The main goal chiropractic care is improve nervous system communication to allow the whole body to function optimally. Techniques used with children are very specific and gentle…many babies sleep right through their adjustments.